Monday, January 31, 2011

Henry Cavill

Image source: WeHeartIt

I have a serious crush on Henry Cavill. And I'm not one for serious celebrity crushes. The last one was on Clive Owen, many moons ago (Obviously, I have a thing for British men).

I have loved him in The Tudors as Charles Brandon, and have gone back to watch Stardust (2007) many a time just to check if that really is him under all that make-up as Humphrey. Now, he appears to be heading for the Big Time. He is going to be the next Superman. I'm no where near a fan of Superman, but I am a fan of this guy, his career and the potential for him to take some clothes off in front of the camera ;)


Melbourne is a beautiful city. You just have to remember to look up.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Miss Havisham

Estella was always my favourite character in Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations. At the time, I thought she had great sass and hoped she would end up falling for Pip. Alas, she never did.

This is how I imagine Miss Havisham to look. I can't find the true image source of the doll. Apologies! If anyone can help me, I'd love to search their other creations.

These days, Miss Havisham is the character that remains in my mind with such wonderful power. I often think how wonderful it would be to have a Miss Havisham themed party.

Just imagine it; the table set for dinner with the decaying wedding cake all covered with 'dust' and spiderwebs. Huge candelabras, glints of silver and crystal. Dressing up in an old-fashioned wedding dress and everything falling to pieces around you... It'd be magnificent!

Modern Anne Boleyn

I really enjoyed creating my own 'Dress like a Modern Marie Antoinette' post last year, so I thought I'd create another on another of my favourite royal women, Anne Boleyn. They do take a lot of effort to create, however I'm considering making it a monthly feature. What do you lovelies think?

You either love or hate Anne Boleyn. It seems it's always been that way. Hated for stealing King Henry VIII away from the beloved Catherine of Aragon. Hated for poisoning the mind of Henry and the consequential Reformation.

Personally, I love her. She seems to have real pizazz! I especially love Natalie Dormer's portrayal of her in The Tudors series. Beyond that, I find her easily the most complex and fascinating of Henry's six wives.

Have a calling to seduce Johnathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII? I know I do. So let's follow Anne's guide...

What made Anne stand out from all the other beauties at Henry's extravagant and entertaining court?

Majority of the ladies of the English court had blonde hair and blue eyes. Unlikes these, Anne had luscious dark hair and deep dark eyes to match. Even those that hated her had to admit that these were her most beautiful traits. She either wore this trademark hair out and flowing or carefully pulled off her face in a tight bun to reveal her stunning dark eyes. If you're fully committed to 'Going Anne', consider dying your hair a dark raven colour.

Another of Anne's trademarks was her French hood (as seen below on Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl). It distanced herself from Catherine of Aragon who mostly wore the English hood (as seen in the first portrait of Anne Boleyn). Anne probably also saw the French hood as a connection with the fancy and fashionable French court, where she had spent time as a young girl. As a Modern Anne, try wearing a thick headband or scarf around your head instead.

Unlike Catherine of Aragon, Anne loved to splurge on beautiful things. Including jewelery. Anne was easily identifiable at court with her string of white pearls which held onto a golden "B" with three pearls dangling below. Have a go at making your own - there's plenty of guides if you search on Google. Or, stick to a lovely string of pearls.

Big golden broaches can add to any outfit. You might also like to invest in a locket to keep an image of Henry close to your heart, always.

Colours: It's difficult to determine what Anne's colour palette was when it came to fashion. Due to her perceived calculating, manipulating and evil character, she is often portrayed in dark, rich colours. Think royal reds, amethyst purples (the colour purple being reserved for royalty in the past), poison apple greens. You may even like to play up the fact that she was later called a 'witch' and stick to blacks.

Style: There are two ways you could go about this. Either stick to the modesty (*cough cough*) of the era and cover up with long flowing skirts. Or you could insert Anne's coy character into your clothes with shorter skirts and tights. Ensure that your delicate bosom is on show with low, square cut tops.

Anne was reportedly a furious flirt. She loved to be loved, and to do so she would flirt with all those around her.

It's not easy to flirt and maintain the amusement of a horny king however. Especially when you're courting a man for seven years and holding off the thing he wants most: sex. So how did she entertain the king? She was a fabulous and graceful dancer. She also had wit and humour and was reportedly very skilled in musical instruments. And didn't mind throwing a tantrum in front of the king. Don't know how that'd go down today!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Falsies fail

Time to complete my review on Maybelline's Falsies.

As I mentioned in my first post about Maybelline's Falsies, the main testing factor in my love or hate for a mascara depends on whether it smudges throughout the day.

Unfortunately, Falsies smudged and died. I finished the day with panda eyes and I was so glad that I hadn't worn it out and about town. I didn't take a picture at the time, which I now realised I should have. Next time, I promise!

While I loved the dramatic look it gave initially, it did weaken as the black mascara laid to rest on my eyebags instead of eyelashes.

The waterproof factor was also a problem. This stuff is seriously difficult to remove. I used make up removal, showered and then used more make up remover with no luck. I tried covering it up with concealer. The same day a stranger asked if I was okay, and was I suffering from a black eye? Not a compliment any lady wants!

Give it a go for yourself, but personally, I won't be using this product again :(

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The King's Speech

I finally got round to seeing The King's Speech the other night. The cinema was absolutely packed! This is after leaving one cinema complex because the line was too long and driving 20minutes to another cinema which had the film on later that night.

My mother and grandmother had urged me to see it. They claim every time they've seen it (yes, they are addicted to Colin Firth and this movie), the audience has burst into applause at the end. Although our theatre didn't applaud, I know I felt like doing so.

It's a wonderfully enjoyable film. It's sweet, charming, smart and cute. Colin Firth definitely provides award-winning performance as King George VI. Geoffrey Rush is delightful and darling as the unorthodox Australian speech therapist. And Helena Bonham Carter? Awesome wardrobe. And I love her love for etiquette.

Also spotted: this film also featured a number of BBC's Pride and Prejudice lovelies, including Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet), Colin Firth (oh-so-spunky Mr. Darcy) and David Bamber (Mr. Collins). I was very excited by all this :)

Lizzy and Mr. Darcy re-unite, on the big screen <3

Now I really want to go watch Wallis & Edward (2005), starring Joely Richardson (Catherine Parr in The Tudors) and Stephen Campbell Moore. The love affair warranted a mention in Sex with Kings and I'm interested to learn more about it all.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I always played with Barbies as a youngin', and never with toy cars. This has been my excuse for so long to explain my terrible driving and lack of driver's license.

Today though, my test is booked. After a fantastic lesson with my driving instructor today, I now feel confident in myself. And comfortable with the idea of going for the test and driving solo.

Ohhh How I can't wait to be able to drive myself around! I live fairly rurally, so having a license is going to rock. I plan on joining a gym or at least going on more walks to get fit. I plan on op-shopping when I feel like it and visiting friends and family whenever. Plus, there's the possibilities of chocie/ice cream runs! So excited :D

Just gotta remember to headcheck...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Art Deco shelves

I have been hunting for some shelves for my desk for a while. This year it was impossible for me to use my desk because it was covered in so many knick knacks, ornaments, teapots, flowers and so so so so sooooo many papers. Enough was enough, and I set out a search for a desk to help me organise everything and more importantly, allow me to show off my hidden Pretties :)

I had pretty much given up hop this year and had stopped actively hunting for some shelves. All the ones we found were too 'heavy' in colour or too fat. Nothing seemed right.

Until we came across this beauty :)

Apparently it's an Art Deco piece. I love the staircase shape (which I would have found lame on anything else), particularly with the rounded corners. The shelves were an adequate size, it wasn't too fat and it was sturdy and strong. Plus, the Art Deco factor allowed for another layer of love.

And so now it sits on my desk, showing off my lovelies :) I'm still fiddling with the layout and what to put where and debating whether I move my pinboards or not. It is so wonderful to have my desk space back again and have my Pretties, like the antique lady, on show.

My Pretties, now on show

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hair choices

I want a hair change. My hair is getting too long, my fringe that I'm growing out continues to frustrate me (why won't it grow?!), the colour isn't right and I can't stand it any more!

Helpful hair magazines: "101 Hairstyles", "Hair" and "Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide"

I've been hunting in magazines (the ones above, and many many more) for a picture of exactly what I want, but I'm not sure what I want. I'm always attracted to curly hair and red hair. But do I wanna go blonde? Reddish? Or stay brown? Or maybe even a copper colour?

I love the idea of going a red, but it's such a pain to keep! And I'm wondering if I should try out a perm on my naturally dead straight hair. Should I let it grow longer? Or should I get one of the super cute lazy bobs that I'm loving in these magazines? Would that cut suit me with my three manic cowlicks that dominate my hairline??

My current hair colour, with the highlights of camera flash

To make it all the more frustrating, I've woken up and had a good hair day today! My hair looks okay with my skin, it's falling in all the right ways... Grr. Fed up with hair!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mr. Darcy

A night of Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version, naturally) with chocolate and ice-cream. It only seems fitting, since spunky Colin Firth has been awarded his first Golden Globe in the past week.

Perfect way to end the week :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'd like to just steal a moment to be proud of myself.

Today I recieved an email that informed me that yes, I would be able to apply to undertake the research. It is a minor step, but I've been waiting so long that I don't care. And even if it is a generic email that they always send out, I feel very proud of myself and happy. Proud that I was able to smash through my course even with terrible grade from my first placement, and so very very happy that I'm doing what makes me happy.

I can't wait to start my research Masters, even if it means class on Saturdays at 9am.

We hope that this will be the beginning for you of a major commitment to educational research.

I hope so too :)

Trash and Treasure Stall Tips

As mentioned earlier, the other day my sister and I held a stall at a trash and treasure market.. It was a first for both of us, and we learnt a lot along the way. Here are my tips:

1. Know the market and the market audience. I have a feeling we didn't sell much stuff because market stalls were dominated by garage goods and men interested in these garage gadgets.

2. Prepare for all kinds of weather (especially in Melbourne). It drizzled in the morning and the sun was sending serious cancer-bites by the end of the day. So pack umbrellas (great for sun and shade), sunscreen, hat and cardigan. Even better? A tarp or tent if you're planning on going long term.

3. Figuring out pricing is a b*tch. I've volunteered in an op shop for a while, and I priced them as we had priced items in the op shop. Walking around the trash and treasure stalls, most clothes were priced from $1 - $5. Combine your knowledge of the market, the market audience and your items on sale to come up with the appropriate price. Remember, your aim is to sell.

4. Create big signs for prices. I went through everything and stapled individual prices on the tags of each item. The amount of times I had to tell someone to check there nearly drove me bonkers. People don't want to hunt for tags at these places. So your best bet is to do some big groupings of clothes at certain prices. Either make a $2 pile, or make all dresses $4, shirts $3 etc. It'll make your life easier, and the customers.

5. Prepare for hagglers. Me? I'm not a haggler and I find it terribly rude. I hate that first block of super rude haggling early birds. Either mark your clothes at a higher price and prepare to drop it. Or stand your ground (which will lead to people walking away with nothing in their hand).

6. Placement and presentation can change everything. My sister convinced me that people at this market (which I hadn't been to) would be willing to search for bargains off the ground. Looking at other stalls, we would have had much more success with the stuff on top of a table or on racks. I wish we had rented a table or brought our own.

7. Bring (and drink) lots of water and plenty of food to see you out the day. The market we were at had a crummy food court. Other markets have plenty of stalls with yummy food on offer. If you're not certain about the food and drinks on offer at the market, bring plenty of supplies.

8. Keep a record of sales for yourself. Especially if you're sharing a stall.

9. Be prepared not to sell everything. We thought we'd be overrun with demand (coz our clothes are cool, damnit!). We weren't. And ended up a little disappointed, mostly because we had to cart so much back to the car :P Looking around though, this seemed to be the case for a lot of people, not just us.

10. Enjoy it. Make it fun. Make sure you have some company, if only to cover for you when you need a toilet break. Talk to the people that come to your stall, and those in the stalls around you. It is fun. Especially when you reward yourself with ice cream afterwards :)

Images: WeHeartIt

For information on the locations of Victorian trash and treasure markets (both as a buyer and seller) check out this website.

Good luck to future market stall holders! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Awards

I feel so special! I've received three Stylish Blogger Award nominations! A big thank you to E, KittyCate and aelie! It's so strange to receive these nominations, because for me it seems as though my blog has gone from hardly anyone reading to 7 followers and award nominations overnight. So a huge huge thank you to everyone :)

So it is now my duty to share with you 7 facts that you may, or may not know about me and nominate 15 blogs I have recently discovered. I hope you enjoy :)

The Facts.

1. I'm still obsessed with Disney movies. I listen to Disney soundtracks. I re-watch the movies constantly. I'm dying to see Tangled. I'll be visiting ACMI's Disney 'Dreams Come True' exhibition with my Gran soon. I'm a Disney chick, through and through.

2. I'm constantly told I look like Laura Prepon. Or more precisely, Donna Pinciotti from That 70s Show. Apparently I act like her as well. I've been told this consistently from a million and one different people since 2000. I'm more than okay with that :)

3. I can't wait to be a grandma. I'm going to be a cool grandma too. And a cute fashionable one. One that bakes lots of cakes and scones when people come over, join weird and wonderful social clubs and the Red Hat Society. I'll spoil my grandkids and I'll never wear pale blue (which always seems to be the universal grandma colour).

4. I'm a terrible lover of reality tv. I love America's Next Top Model, The Hills and the like. My absolute favourite though? Survivor. Shhhhhhh! Don't tell anyone!

5. I've always wanted red curly hair. I'd die for naturally curly hair alone. Alas, my hair is naturally dead straight. And naturally mousy brown. At least people always say they think I have red hair, or that they always imagine me with red hair. That's a start I guess?

6. I'm nowhere near engaged, but I know that I want an ice cream cake for my wedding cake, my sisters will be my bridesmaids and hopefully a fairy floss machine :)

7. I, like so many others in the world, feel like I was born in the wrong era. But I'm not sure which era I belong. Maybe 1900s?

The Nominations.
(in alphabetical order)

Enjoy snooping at all these blogs :) They've definitely entertainment me over the past month or more!

All images from: WeHeartIt

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Golden Globe 2011 Gowns

I love a good occasion to dress up! And if I can't dress up, then I love umm-ing and ahhh-ing over what everyone else wore. I've picked out my three favourite dresses of the Golden Globes to share with you all :)

Image Source: Gossip Centre
Mila Kunis
Always a stunning beauty, she shone in this gorgeous emerald gown. Everything is right. Her hair, her dress, her jewelry. I'm green with envy (oh yeah, you love a pun!)

Image Source: Just Jared Jr
Sarah Hyland
Stunning on Modern Family (which I love!) and even more stunning in this lovely gown. Such a beautiful colour palette. Gorgeous hair-do too :)

Image Source: Vogue
Scarlett Johansson
Another nude colour love. I think if I went to the Golden Globes, this would be the dress I'd wear. I love the sparkle, I love the sleeves, I love the train and shape. In searching for pictures, I read some non-love for her hair-do, but I think it looks great with the dress :)

Antique lady

What I love about antique stores is that they are like museums. With the exception (and probably my favourite part of it) that you can buy the pieces and take them home.

There is a fantastically huge antique store in Yarra Glen that I particularly love. Everything is reasonably priced and there is sooooo much to look at! And that's where I found this beautiful piece:

Bisque Nouveau piece, $33

A bisque nouveau piece, she was probably created in the late 1890s. Once hidden in a jewelery cabinet in the store, I spied her gorgeous face and fell in love. Sweet and delicate with beautiful colouring and style, she now lives with me.

One of the violet petals had snapped off and vanished into history, but it doesn't scream 'broken' to me.

I also purchased some Art Deco style shelves for my desk, but I'll do a separate post for them. This lady needed her own :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tea-stained rose trash and treasure

As I mentioned in the previous post, yesterday my sister and I held a stall at a trash and treasure market. We were selling a lot of old clothes and trinkets we had that were too nice to give away but unloved in our wardrobes for us to keep. Initially, it was exciting. Yet soon the reality of waiting in the car at 5am for a stall and three hours sleep began to set in. And once we were in the marketplace, the consistent damp drizzle and horribly rude early bird hagglers could not lift my spirits.

The market truly was majority trash and about 0.1% treasure. Those browsing consisted of men wandering about in the sun looking at garage junk. Not our target audience.

I did find these beautiful tea-stained-red coloured roses though. And we had Cold Rock ice cream afterwards (peanut butter and banana ice cream mixed together with Caramello Koala and cookie dough = win!). So the day wasn't too bad after all :)

Next time (if there is a next time) we shall try for Camberwell. I may soon write up some tips learnt from yesterday though for you lovelies out there :)
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