Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hair choices

I want a hair change. My hair is getting too long, my fringe that I'm growing out continues to frustrate me (why won't it grow?!), the colour isn't right and I can't stand it any more!

Helpful hair magazines: "101 Hairstyles", "Hair" and "Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide"

I've been hunting in magazines (the ones above, and many many more) for a picture of exactly what I want, but I'm not sure what I want. I'm always attracted to curly hair and red hair. But do I wanna go blonde? Reddish? Or stay brown? Or maybe even a copper colour?

I love the idea of going a red, but it's such a pain to keep! And I'm wondering if I should try out a perm on my naturally dead straight hair. Should I let it grow longer? Or should I get one of the super cute lazy bobs that I'm loving in these magazines? Would that cut suit me with my three manic cowlicks that dominate my hairline??

My current hair colour, with the highlights of camera flash

To make it all the more frustrating, I've woken up and had a good hair day today! My hair looks okay with my skin, it's falling in all the right ways... Grr. Fed up with hair!


  1. If you LOVE the red the up-keep wont bother you so much. But doooon't perm it, please don't perm it! They cause such damage to the hair, especially long hair :) And horrible, horrible to try to grow out.

  2. HMM I permed my hair and yepp it was relatively trashed...but when I cut it off, I found it so boring! But your hair colour is so pretty at the moment so I'm sure whatever you do will look great!

  3. I had no idea perming was so bad for your hair :s Well you've definitely turned me off that!


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