Friday, August 26, 2011

Real World, Real Jobs

Last night I applied for my very first real school teaching job.

I'm so excited, proud, nervous and pumped! I'm finally entering the world of "Real Jobs" hahaha

Freak out.

Reach for the champagne. All is well again.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Best chocolate cake. Ever.

Yesterday was my mum's birthday. Such an occasion called for cake. And a good one.

Thankfully the Google Gods blessed me with this recipe.

Delicious, moist and chocolatey. What more do you want but a little ice-cream to go with it? :)

The cake was met with much approval.

Luckily we had made another cake. It was gone by mid-morning.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I blue myself.

I love days like today. It feels like winter is finally giving way to spring.

(Flavours: Hazelnut and Coffee)
Some festively plump macaroons as a little snack. I want to learn how to make these babies, but they seem a little bit fiddly. Can you get packet mix macaroons? hehehe

A new building near uni. Doesn't it look cool?

Ahh... Melbourne Uni. How I love your beautiful buildings.

My research is going really well. I've really put my bum up in the air and got stuff done. It feels fantastic! So pumped! :D

10 Points for the Arrested Development reference! Woot!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ferrari Find.

May I present to you, my op shop find of the year:

Diana Ferrari dress, found at Savers.
Price on the tag? $19.99

Tried it on. It fitted wonderfully. Why the hell was it in Savers though?


A rip.

A big ass rip.

As in, a rip made from someone sitting down and their bum exploding the fabric (the poor woman!).

Point it out to the man at the cash register. He gives me a new price: $4.99. I like this man.

Yes, my ladies, a $4.99 Diana Ferrari. I did my best to keep my cool until leaving Savers and only squealed a little on the way out to the car with my bargain.

Take the dress to a seamstress. She mends it for about $20.

By jingo, I love it all!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Little Green Riding Hood.

Little Green Riding Hood hands on a long golden chain. Isn't she gorgeous?

Mum and I stopped at Warren Glen for lunch, and this gorgeous girl popped out while we wandered the gift shop. Delicious lunch and wonderful gift shop if anyone is ever out that way. Very popular too, so you know it's good!

Monday, August 1, 2011


It was such a beautiful day yesterday, I had to take my study outside. Just look at how blue the sky is!

Even though the sun felt beautiful on my skin I began to worry about sunburn. You know how your skin is always super sensitive to the sun after hiding away all winter? Yeah. Mine can be quite pathetic in that regard. No sunburn though :)

Puppy kept me company :) What a good girl!

I only hope that the sun stays a little longer!
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