Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dress like Modern Marie Antoinette

And so I've become obsessed with Marie Antoinette. Quite easy to do, with her amazing life story and gorgeous and dazzling fashions. I've been obsessing over her fashions particularly after coming across Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette (2006). Such beautiful colours and dainty decorations. So, how can you imitate Marie's stunning style?

Marie Antoinette was famous for her beautiful glowing porcelain skin. Queens were often showered with compliments from those at court and this Queen was consistently and constantly complimented on her pale skin, delicate neck and hands. To replicate this you're going to have to moisturise up, baby! Water is also a god to clear and perfect skin. Add in some sunscreen for those sunny days and you should be well on your way :)

You can further your pale Marie Antoinette complexion with a pale foundation base.

Add some warm pink candy rouge to the apples of your cheeks - women in the French court would cake on thick pots of red rouge on their cheeks as a symbol of their wealth. Many visitors to Versailles thought it was an awful fashion, so you mightn't feel the need to go all out on the rouge as they did back then!

A modern Marie Antoinette would most definitely play around with whatever make-up was available to her. Think false eyelashes, funky coloured mascara and jeweled eyeliners. Don't go too overboard- we don't want to look like Du Barry!

Use a lip stain instead of lip gloss or lipstick - we can't go losing our lips while we're eating our cake and sipping our champagne, can we dearies?

To disguise her ghastly high forehead (as it was thought, back in the day!), hairdresses pulled her hair up higher and higher. To get this height, try smashing your hair into a messy up do. Curling your hair beforehand, teasing it and hair spray will give you extra height without the need for a wig.

And/or, decorate your hair. Find pretty clips, fake flowers, head-bands, feathers, ribbons, birds, butterflies... anything that catches your eye and add them to your hair. Don't be afraid to grab these pretties from the Little Girl's section :)

Colours: If you're wanting to imitate Sophia Coppola's Marie, stick to pastels. The colour palette of a simple box of macaroons intended to guide the colours used in the film. So stick to pale pinks, lavender, soft sky blues, buttercup yellows, mint green and lacey white. The deep reds, lush purples and blacks were reserved for Du Barry, the lady who 'is said to give pleasure to the King (Louis XV)'.

Style: You may wish to imitate the corsets and structured dresses through more fitted, almost 1950s style dresses that support the bosom and flair at the waist. It's a flattering shape that will suit any lady. Otherwise, find delicate white dresses that allude to the chemise that Marie Antoinette made wildly popular and fashionable.

Decorations: Lace, frills, buttons, sequins, beads, floral patterns, jewels. Anything and everything with that slightly darling almost whimsical girly feeling. If it makes you squeal with delight, it's probably a good find!

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