Sunday, January 23, 2011

Art Deco shelves

I have been hunting for some shelves for my desk for a while. This year it was impossible for me to use my desk because it was covered in so many knick knacks, ornaments, teapots, flowers and so so so so sooooo many papers. Enough was enough, and I set out a search for a desk to help me organise everything and more importantly, allow me to show off my hidden Pretties :)

I had pretty much given up hop this year and had stopped actively hunting for some shelves. All the ones we found were too 'heavy' in colour or too fat. Nothing seemed right.

Until we came across this beauty :)

Apparently it's an Art Deco piece. I love the staircase shape (which I would have found lame on anything else), particularly with the rounded corners. The shelves were an adequate size, it wasn't too fat and it was sturdy and strong. Plus, the Art Deco factor allowed for another layer of love.

And so now it sits on my desk, showing off my lovelies :) I'm still fiddling with the layout and what to put where and debating whether I move my pinboards or not. It is so wonderful to have my desk space back again and have my Pretties, like the antique lady, on show.

My Pretties, now on show

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  1. I love those art deco shelves. I have a similar bookcase myself. They're more elegant than the cube bookcases you see everywhere (not that they're not great in their own right :) ) Good find!


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