Saturday, January 29, 2011

Falsies fail

Time to complete my review on Maybelline's Falsies.

As I mentioned in my first post about Maybelline's Falsies, the main testing factor in my love or hate for a mascara depends on whether it smudges throughout the day.

Unfortunately, Falsies smudged and died. I finished the day with panda eyes and I was so glad that I hadn't worn it out and about town. I didn't take a picture at the time, which I now realised I should have. Next time, I promise!

While I loved the dramatic look it gave initially, it did weaken as the black mascara laid to rest on my eyebags instead of eyelashes.

The waterproof factor was also a problem. This stuff is seriously difficult to remove. I used make up removal, showered and then used more make up remover with no luck. I tried covering it up with concealer. The same day a stranger asked if I was okay, and was I suffering from a black eye? Not a compliment any lady wants!

Give it a go for yourself, but personally, I won't be using this product again :(


  1. Oh no! Thanks for this review. I always have terrible luck with mascaras. Have you had any success stories?

  2. I do love Cover Girl's "lash blast volume". I find that one stays and doesn't smudge. The smudgy factor is the one I really hate. My sister is using a Revlon false lash effect mascara that looks amazing! Not sure of the name though. I'll be trying that one next :)


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