Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've been on the look out for new swimmers the summer, and so far I've had no luck.

Finally, I have found some that I have fallen in love with.There's a better quality picture on their website here. It's gorgeous flower print with subtle ruffles along the top of the pieces. I'm not loving the price tags on them at the moment, but in time... they will be mine!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Decadent Demarquette

One of my friends was lucky enough to travel to London over Christmas. Not only did the good little boy take hundreds of photos of the castles, palaces and other glorious buildings for me, but he also trapsed through the cold and the snow to fetch me these lovely chocolate gifts! Truly spoilt!

Apparently these handmade chocolates are from a famous and internationally awarded chocolatier. Each chocolate is a different flavour; and when I say different, I mean different.
Thai Lemongrass, anyone? Perhaps some Brazilian Pink Pepper? Earl Grey chocolate more your style? Or would you prefer the Highland Malt?

My first choice was the coconut, banana and rum mix. Completely unexpected but completely delicious at the same time! The orange flavoured one disappeared soon after :)

My friend tragically explained to me that because these chocolates are handmade, they have a very short life span. Which means I have to eat all these by the 25 January - tomorrow!! I can't possibly demolish all these babies by then! They are far too lavish for my tummy, especially with the range of exotic flavours that I want to saviour.

Another box of chocolates was presented. This one is a set of caramels, again with interesting flavours. I think 'Cornish Sea Salt' (the blue ones) has to win as the most odd flavour there. The Kentish Pear was delightful- a surprise as I usually don't like pears. I can't wait to get to the Yorkshire Rhubarb and Scottish Raspberry :D

And as if that wasn't already enough, there's more! The bottom row there is a collection of King Henry VIII mint chocolates, with each chocolate wrapped in a portrait of Henry and each of his six wives! Absolutely charming! Again, they'll be impossible to eat because they look so gorgeous as is.

The larger portrait is an Anne Boleyn 'oakmoss' scented soap- exactly what every girl needs! :) That one came from the tourist shop at The Tower. I've been trying to open the box without ruining to see whether Anne's lovely face is printed on the soap bar, but no luck yet.

I'm very happy and very spoilt! I can't wait to go through all the photos :D

Thank you so very very much to my darling friend :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today has been a much needed restful day. The upcoming week is looking busy and bustling, and while that excites me, I do take delight in relaxing right now.

Besides cleaning out my wardrobe and scrubbing walls with sugar soap (marvelous stuff!), I've also been snooping about on the internet. I've become obsessed with having a peek at other people's blogs. I'll be adding a few more to my list tonight I think :)

The Happy Home Blog
An article in the Australia Home Beautiful magazine lead me to this lovely blog and home. The blog is filled with lovely crafty ideas to up-do your own home and is a great source of inspiration! I personally fail at working in neutrals - I'm a colourful girl in a colourful world, after all - but they always look forever elegant and glamourous :)

On Dressing Up
This blog is filled with beautiful pictures and lovely clothes- what more do you need? :)

All Cats are Grey at Night
More lovely dresses and gorgeous clothes I long to add to my wardrobe :)

If you have plenty of time on your hands and adore period film costumes, then you might like to check out this website: Recycled Movie Costumes. True, there are costumes from more modern films as well, but they aren't as fascinating and stunning as the Tudor, Elizabethan, Georgian or Regency costumes. I love trying to guess which show I recognise the costumes from beforehand :)

Plus, it can help you find movies that are similar to others you love. I'm now on the hunt for DuBarry was a Lady (1943) after stumbling across this image in their gallery:


Friday, January 22, 2010

A Softer World

I like my frog.

Monday, January 11, 2010


There will be much celebrating today! :D

This morning, at 9am, I found out that I was successfully accepted into a course at a prestigious university to complete my graduate study. I'm absolutely thrilled! So excited, happy, proud and nervous. I realised that classes start in one month! After so much waiting and hoping, I'm so happy to know where my future lies again (well, for the next couple of years at least) and even more excited that I was accepted into my number one choice!

Champagne and cupcakes all round!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Swim little fishy!

There are few things I love more than a visit to the aquarium. Sea creatures are wonderfully alien creatures. The more bizarre they are, the more I love them. For example:

This little fishy has wonderful skills are camoflague, but more excitingly has funky eyes and beautiful luscious lips! A perfect oddball. If only I could remember what kind of fish he was...

Speaking of luscious lips... Pucker up baby!

The most exciting part of our lovely date was the jellyfish cave. Jellyfish have to be one of the most fascinating creatures on earth. No brain. Four stomachs (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert?). Sometimes deadly and sometimes just plain dim. But always bizarre and weird.

A boy that takes you on a date to the Aquarium is definitely worth seeing again :) And I will be :D
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