Sunday, January 30, 2011

Modern Anne Boleyn

I really enjoyed creating my own 'Dress like a Modern Marie Antoinette' post last year, so I thought I'd create another on another of my favourite royal women, Anne Boleyn. They do take a lot of effort to create, however I'm considering making it a monthly feature. What do you lovelies think?

You either love or hate Anne Boleyn. It seems it's always been that way. Hated for stealing King Henry VIII away from the beloved Catherine of Aragon. Hated for poisoning the mind of Henry and the consequential Reformation.

Personally, I love her. She seems to have real pizazz! I especially love Natalie Dormer's portrayal of her in The Tudors series. Beyond that, I find her easily the most complex and fascinating of Henry's six wives.

Have a calling to seduce Johnathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII? I know I do. So let's follow Anne's guide...

What made Anne stand out from all the other beauties at Henry's extravagant and entertaining court?

Majority of the ladies of the English court had blonde hair and blue eyes. Unlikes these, Anne had luscious dark hair and deep dark eyes to match. Even those that hated her had to admit that these were her most beautiful traits. She either wore this trademark hair out and flowing or carefully pulled off her face in a tight bun to reveal her stunning dark eyes. If you're fully committed to 'Going Anne', consider dying your hair a dark raven colour.

Another of Anne's trademarks was her French hood (as seen below on Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl). It distanced herself from Catherine of Aragon who mostly wore the English hood (as seen in the first portrait of Anne Boleyn). Anne probably also saw the French hood as a connection with the fancy and fashionable French court, where she had spent time as a young girl. As a Modern Anne, try wearing a thick headband or scarf around your head instead.

Unlike Catherine of Aragon, Anne loved to splurge on beautiful things. Including jewelery. Anne was easily identifiable at court with her string of white pearls which held onto a golden "B" with three pearls dangling below. Have a go at making your own - there's plenty of guides if you search on Google. Or, stick to a lovely string of pearls.

Big golden broaches can add to any outfit. You might also like to invest in a locket to keep an image of Henry close to your heart, always.

Colours: It's difficult to determine what Anne's colour palette was when it came to fashion. Due to her perceived calculating, manipulating and evil character, she is often portrayed in dark, rich colours. Think royal reds, amethyst purples (the colour purple being reserved for royalty in the past), poison apple greens. You may even like to play up the fact that she was later called a 'witch' and stick to blacks.

Style: There are two ways you could go about this. Either stick to the modesty (*cough cough*) of the era and cover up with long flowing skirts. Or you could insert Anne's coy character into your clothes with shorter skirts and tights. Ensure that your delicate bosom is on show with low, square cut tops.

Anne was reportedly a furious flirt. She loved to be loved, and to do so she would flirt with all those around her.

It's not easy to flirt and maintain the amusement of a horny king however. Especially when you're courting a man for seven years and holding off the thing he wants most: sex. So how did she entertain the king? She was a fabulous and graceful dancer. She also had wit and humour and was reportedly very skilled in musical instruments. And didn't mind throwing a tantrum in front of the king. Don't know how that'd go down today!

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