Sunday, January 16, 2011

Savers Saving

For once, it was not I who instigated our venture to Savers. My boyfriend, having just moved into a share house where apparently only one of the three other occupants cooks, needed plates, cutlery and tupperware and suggested a visit to Savers.

I was more than happy to join him :)

Just Jeans Dress, $12.99

I remember seeing this dress in the shops and trying it on a few times, umming and ahhhing over it. It was $70 then. Now, it's mine for $13!

Belly Basics, $14.95

A lovely red wine velvet dress, short and with long sleeves- perfect for winter! I just realised though, with the brand name... it's probably designed for pregnant lady proportions. Really, though, who will notice?

Laurentino dress, $9.99

This last dress was a spur of the moment grab. It had been disregarded on the wrong rack and I picked it up, held it up to me and thought 'why not?'. Again, the colours are much prettier in real life :)

I'm hoping some of my second hand goodies can make some people happy tomorrow: my sister and I are holding a stall at a trash and treasure market. Very much looking forward to it! Very exciting!

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