Friday, January 7, 2011

The Young Victoria

Let me continue on with my Emily Blunt love. She is stunningly beautiful and classy, as seen in Foyle's War and Gulliver's Travels. And my love for her acting and beauty continues into The Young Victoria (2009).

The whole cast of The Young Victoria is fantastic. I love Mark Strong (who starred as Septimus in Stardust), Miranda Richardson (Queen Mab in Merlin), Paul Bettany (Master and Commander, A Beautiful Mind) and gorgeous Rupert Friend.

However, I feel that the plot of the film is... lost. It seems to attempt to focus on so many different things, but in doing so, it loses itself. I admire the characterisation of Victoria as a strong, independent feminist before her time. The love story is sweet. The rivalry and challenges between Victoria and Sir John Conroy is a fantastic power struggle.

If it is meant to be a love story, which with the way the film ends, I think is cut short. I would have loved to watch out the relationship between Victoria and Albert grow, as I have with The Duchess and Marie Antoinette. I like watching lives. Perhaps they'll make a sequel?

Costume-wise... The dresses are lovely, as you can see. The hair styles... seem dowdy and awkward to me. And unlike with Marie Antoinette, I feel no need to mimic Victoria's hair styles. I do love the constant use of fresh flowers in Victoria's hair, dresses and hats. It brings an extra bit of freshness to the whole appearance.

It's worth watching for the beauty of it all, but I do feel robbed of the potential of a fantastic story.

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  1. Ahhh I love this movie!...possibly because it has Rupert Friend ;) I think I agree with the ending, it doesn't quite feel complete?! but the costumes are amazing, although I'm a sucker for anything period drama related (I think I've seen Marie Antoinette too many times!)
    Hannah x


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