Monday, January 24, 2011


I always played with Barbies as a youngin', and never with toy cars. This has been my excuse for so long to explain my terrible driving and lack of driver's license.

Today though, my test is booked. After a fantastic lesson with my driving instructor today, I now feel confident in myself. And comfortable with the idea of going for the test and driving solo.

Ohhh How I can't wait to be able to drive myself around! I live fairly rurally, so having a license is going to rock. I plan on joining a gym or at least going on more walks to get fit. I plan on op-shopping when I feel like it and visiting friends and family whenever. Plus, there's the possibilities of chocie/ice cream runs! So excited :D

Just gotta remember to headcheck...


  1. goooodluck!
    i failed mine. more than once. :O

  2. Thank you! Hahaha I'm beginning to get nervous after hearing so many stories of people failing! I'm hoping my winning smile will get me through it all hahaha

  3. GOOD LUCK! That's pretty much my dream car :)


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