Thursday, January 27, 2011

The King's Speech

I finally got round to seeing The King's Speech the other night. The cinema was absolutely packed! This is after leaving one cinema complex because the line was too long and driving 20minutes to another cinema which had the film on later that night.

My mother and grandmother had urged me to see it. They claim every time they've seen it (yes, they are addicted to Colin Firth and this movie), the audience has burst into applause at the end. Although our theatre didn't applaud, I know I felt like doing so.

It's a wonderfully enjoyable film. It's sweet, charming, smart and cute. Colin Firth definitely provides award-winning performance as King George VI. Geoffrey Rush is delightful and darling as the unorthodox Australian speech therapist. And Helena Bonham Carter? Awesome wardrobe. And I love her love for etiquette.

Also spotted: this film also featured a number of BBC's Pride and Prejudice lovelies, including Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet), Colin Firth (oh-so-spunky Mr. Darcy) and David Bamber (Mr. Collins). I was very excited by all this :)

Lizzy and Mr. Darcy re-unite, on the big screen <3

Now I really want to go watch Wallis & Edward (2005), starring Joely Richardson (Catherine Parr in The Tudors) and Stephen Campbell Moore. The love affair warranted a mention in Sex with Kings and I'm interested to learn more about it all.

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  1. I loved this film!! When I went actually it was a few days after the release and as we were lining up we got told it had sold out so we had to wait around for another 3 hours before the next screening :( It was worth it though!! haha I loved spotting all the characters from Pride and Prejudice too!
    Hannah x


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