Monday, January 17, 2011

Tea-stained rose trash and treasure

As I mentioned in the previous post, yesterday my sister and I held a stall at a trash and treasure market. We were selling a lot of old clothes and trinkets we had that were too nice to give away but unloved in our wardrobes for us to keep. Initially, it was exciting. Yet soon the reality of waiting in the car at 5am for a stall and three hours sleep began to set in. And once we were in the marketplace, the consistent damp drizzle and horribly rude early bird hagglers could not lift my spirits.

The market truly was majority trash and about 0.1% treasure. Those browsing consisted of men wandering about in the sun looking at garage junk. Not our target audience.

I did find these beautiful tea-stained-red coloured roses though. And we had Cold Rock ice cream afterwards (peanut butter and banana ice cream mixed together with Caramello Koala and cookie dough = win!). So the day wasn't too bad after all :)

Next time (if there is a next time) we shall try for Camberwell. I may soon write up some tips learnt from yesterday though for you lovelies out there :)


  1. I never envied those market holders, waking up early and sitting at there stall all day! Recently though I've actually put together 3 boxes of clothing that I hope to sell at these small markets soon, I just need a permit (I think). Ohh when I went to Melbourne a year ago, I went to Camberwell markets and they were great! Roses are pretty :) :)
    Hannah x

  2. which market where you at?

  3. I'll most definitely do a post on my lessons learnt from Sunday's experience for you Hannah :)

    MrsMcAwesome, we had a stall at the Wantirna Market.


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