Saturday, January 8, 2011

Diaries and tea

As I mentioned in my other post, I Friday was a shopping day. While I was searching make-up counters for a quality lip and cheek stain/tint (suggestions still welcome!), my main purpose was to locate and purchase a 2011 diary. I've never been one to use a diary for appointments, essays, dates etc, but I thought I'd give it a go this year. I have decided to give it a go this year, particularly with the need for me to self-manage my Masters research.

So I found a small purple pocket diary for me to take on the go, and this larger, beautiful green diary. My requirements for my diary were simple: no weak spiral holding it together; 1 day per page; easy enough to cart around. I'm very excited by my Daycraft diary :) It also feels lovely and smooth to touch.

And pretty rainbows on the inside! :)

You may also notice T2 Ruby Red Rosehip tea there. Yep, I'm going to give tea a go! I have so many teapots, it's about time I started drinking it. Starting with rosepetals, naturally!


  1. ModelCo has a lip and cheek stain and Revlon has their new "Just Bitten" lip stains. havent tried them myself so not sure how good they are!

  2. mmmmmmm I love tea - a really yummy one from T2 is Turkish Apple & Cinnamon...have been thinking I might try this one as an iced tea through summer.

  3. Diary looks good! I recently bought one too! Also, I've heard good things about the Benefit Benetint, but haven't used it myself...
    And yummo tea :) A really nice combination I find is rose buds & lemongrass.

  4. Ooo! Thank you Heart-Shaped Happiness! I'll have a snoop at them :)

    TheMcAwesomes - funnily enough, I purchased the rosehip tea after trying it with the Turkish Apple. That combination was just too delicious and refreshing for words! I'm thinking I'll have to head back now and get the Turkish Apple :)

    Hannah - I've also heard good things about Benefit Benetint, but also some bad things :S I find when I fiddle with the tester too, my fingers end up super stained from trying to blend it into the back of my hand, while my the back of my hand remains bald of colour! I do hold hope for it though!


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