Thursday, June 30, 2011

Entertainment Tonight

The Main Man in my life is a film and television studies guy, with special love for tv. That means he has excellent taste in tv shows. I thought I'd share some with you since the cold is catching up and everyone likes to snuggle under the blankets with some lovable characters :)


This is one of our favourite shows. I don't know what to say other than that it is Awesome. That's right, capital A there. I love the constant pop culture references. The show has even inspired us to hunt down some other shows, like The Cape.

'A Fistful of Paintballs' is one of my favourite episodes, but you must start from the start. Or else.


British Heroes, how it should have been done. That's how The Man sums it up :) I never was a Heroes person, but I am definitely a Misfits person. It's dirty and gritty and tough. And really funny and even sweet.

When you're scared that they are running in circles in season 1, killing people and cleaning up the mess, relax. Season 2 blows it up and is so much better for it. I promise.

Modern Family

Watch the first episode and fall in love. I guarantee.

Better Off Ted

Like others to follow on this list, Better Off Ted was an unfortunately short-lived show that should have gone on and on and on and on and on and on and on. Massive love for Veronica in this one.

And Myman and Lem.

Arrested Development

I hadn't seen Arrested Development until this year. According to my boyfriend and friends, this was a great travesty. Into Season 2, I completely agree.

I love Lucille. I love Lindsay. I love Buster. It's funny, lovable and damn cute. Win win win, chicken dance :D

Freaks and Geeks

Another show that the boyfriend insisted on watching. I was a bit ho-har about it, mostly after listening to so many people rave about it. Listening to all the Freaks and Geeks talk, I thought it sounded boring. Not so. I get giddy and giggly watching this show. Especially the relationship between Lindsay and Nick :)

Haven't finished it yet, and don't want it to end either!

So, what are you guys watching? Any tv suggestions?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Insane blogging.

Image source:

Blogger is not letting me upload my own pictures. I've been trying to use other picture hosting sites to link my pictures from but finding them to be just as frustrating as Blogger.

It's driving me insane. Especially with so many posts planned and pretty pictures to keep them company. So we'll have to make do for now though, but I do apologise! I haven't forgotten my lovelies :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bows and birthdays!

It's my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! :D

I've finished my literature review and I'm ready to celebrate. Blog posts coming, I promise! Including many delicious desserts, cute kitties, exploring the Dandenongs and maybe a few recipes!

For now though, feast your eyes on my beautiful Boyfriend's wrapping skills. He understands my love for bows :)

Hope you all have a lovely day and I'll be back soon! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Knowledge tunnel.

It has come to the point in my Masters where I have to start putting pen to paper. Or typing up a Word document of all my wonderful knowledge.

Image Source: weheartit

I'm a keen procrastinator. I have, however, been trying to control myself. Hence, no blog posts. All this really means is that I've been watching Downton Abbey and reading every possible article remotely related to my research and going out for coffee.

I promise I will be bringing you better blogging soon, once I tame a bit of my literature review :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Just beat it.

Today I learnt that beaters aren't meant to mix cookie dough.

Cookies turned out damn good though :)

Friday, June 10, 2011


The hunt was on last Friday. I was in need of some gumboots for the market on Sunday, which the weatherman predicted to be a muddy mess.

I hunted everywhere for some pretty gumboots, like these:
But they do not appear to exist in non-internet shopping land. So I had to give up and go for the ol' Bunnings boots.

Booyah being Size 7 for once!

And, of course, after all that running around, there was hardly a puddle to be seen!

They will have their day though. I am determined.

Image source:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Smell the roses.

I picked up some beautiful budding roses from the craft market on the weekend.

Look how beautiful they are as they come to bloom.

They smell wonderful too!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mermaids On Stranger Tides

I love mermaids and love stories. So it was kind of inevitable that I would enjoy the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I only wish that the mermaid love story was the main story of the film.

Yay! Mermaid love story!

Have a perve on the mermaids and the haunting My Jolly Sailor Bold scene:

As mermaids, they looked gorgeous. I've searched for a decent picture of the mermaid costume, but can't find anything quality yet. Below you can see some of the costume detail.

The crazy vampire frenzy feeding session mermaid bit though? Not so good. Ridiculous even.

I think they could have been more haunting if they just quietly slipped the men into the water and just kept pulling them down. Less hissing that way, too.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is good. The same easy entertainment film that the others have been. I really enjoyed it, especially with the mermaid factor. Definitely worth seeing if you're in a movie mood :)

I hope this will open up the gateway for more mermaid films. *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Screaming Savers.

The sign that every op-shopper loves; Savers.

Yep, I went to the 50% off clothing sale yesterday. You know, because I'm running out of clothes and stuff -.- Truly, I nearly didn't go, but then I kept thinking about it and thinking about it. Like the croissant cravings, it was getting in the way of my study. So I went.

I controlled myself this time. I only looked for things I could pair with my million and one knitted jumpers and stayed well away from those aisles.

My finds:

This dress is a much nicer purple than the picture would suggest. And prettier.

The place was screaming with coat hanger screeching and babies crying. Ahh... the sounds of a Saver sale!

This dress is in a serious need for a clean. It may end up being a bit too overwhelming, but I could always have a go at adjusting it. Maybe. The winning factor? Long sleeves. And $3.50. Love.

Very proud of my self control, even if it did slip a little afterwards.

Yummm... Cannoli.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stealth cake

If you were anywhere near Melbourne today, you know how beautiful the weather was. The sun was shining on brightly; trying to persuade everyone that winter was far far away. Oh how I wish it was so!

I decided to make the most of the weather and study demands. That meant a road trip to Yarra Glen. It's such a fantastic drive out there - beautiful views all around. Also slightly obsessed with driving around with my windows down playing Lady Gaga nice and loud! hahaha

All for this. The cakes from a cafe called 'Delicious' are damn delicious. Beautiful fudgy homemade hazelnut brownie. So good.

Oh, and definitely converted to the world of coffee.

I made sure to sit outside in the sun, amongst the garden. Smelt fantastic!

Homeward bound! How beautiful do the clouds look? I just want winter to stay away.
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