Monday, October 10, 2011

Disney support.

I've been watching Disney movies as I write up my thesis. It's good. I sing along to them as I do my work and fall in love with them all over again. So far I've watched:


Beauty and the Beast


Little Mermaid

Sleeping Beauty

The Rescuers

I love the Disney villians. They always get the best songs. I had forgotten about Medusa from The Rescuers. She has a bit of Cruella De Vil, Ursula and Izma about her.

Now I'm off to get my mits on Hercules, Snow White and Tangled!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beach squeals

I've just been down the beach! Only for a day or so, but it was so magnificent! I'll do a post about it soon. First, I have to write 7000 words for my thesis this week! Eek! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Grand Day Out.

Last Monday my grandmother and I had the most wonderful day out. We visited the Vienna exhibition at the NGV International, had a delicious dessert lunch and went up the Eureka Tower. It was so wonderful!

On our walk up from Flinders Street train station to the art gallery, we went past this Kombi coffee machine. The opportunity to have a kombi coffee was too good to pass up! The man serving was very nice and his little daughter who was with him had the most beautiful gold hair. Very jealous indeed!

Next, was our visit to the Vienna exhibition. It was absolutely fantastic! I haven't been to such a wonderful exhibition in such a long while. We went to the Art Deco exhibit a few years back and I found it a bit underwhelming. This exhibit had a wonderful mixed collection of all sorts of things from all sorts of artists. Plus, I love Klimt's work. Although not a Klimt work, the above painting was one of my favourites. Gran and I stood in front of it for a while nitpicking all the dresses on display. Such vibrant colours in the painting, even today!

Grandma insisted she wanted a dessert lunch and so there was only one place I could take her, really. The same place were Lover Boy took me for my birthday celebrations, Meat & Wine Co. Our order: The Grande Finale. Gran was amazed and delighted! (Also, please note how stunning and fashionable my gran is in the picture above! I hope to be a stunner like her one day)

The Eureka Tower tour was the next. I have never seen the view from Eureka so clear and crisp. It was magnificent. Here's a picture of Fed Square, St. Pauls Cathedral and Flinders Street Station. Melbourne truly is a beautiful city :) I'll have to do a separate post for all the pictures I have from the Eureka tower.

I can't wait for my next grand day out with my grandma! <3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Who needs apples?

I love my job. I love being a teacher. I love being in Education.

I'm happy enough seeing kid's faces light up when they finally understand something, or taking the knowledge that they've gained in from you and just building and building on it until it becomes their own knowledge. I've received some fantastic compliments ("You explain it better than the textbook!") and wonderful cards from students. Never before have I received a gift. Until Friday.

Om Nom Nom. Some delicious cookies from a mother of a student in a holiday course I've been tutoring. I swear I turned bright red!

And then promptly ate them all. They were so delicious!

Who needs apples as a teacher when you can have cookies??
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