Saturday, January 1, 2011

Anniversary love

As I posted last night, yesterday was the one year anniversary of my love-filled relationship with my wonderful boyfriend. We ended up having a quiet celebration; sipping on yummy moscato, salmon & cream cheese on sliced sourdough and a cheese platter. We played pool, watched movies and the free firework show at midnight thanks to distant neighbours (surprisingly beautiful!).

These are the lovely earrings Mr. Love gifted me for our anniversary. It was very brave of him: his first jewelery purchase for me. He said the cut reminded him of Tudor jewelery. What a darl? :)

They are a lovely lavender colour that switches to a light pink or sparkly crystal depending on the light. Divine!


  1. Gorgeous earrings, he picked well! Sounds like you guys had a lovely evening xx

  2. Nice blog you have there and love the earrings :) (zimpala from vogue)

  3. Sounds like a lovely night and they are lovely earrings. We also got an amazing fireworks show as several people in our neighbourhood set off some pretty big fireworks.


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