Sunday, December 12, 2010

Foyle's War Fashion

Screenshot from Season 2, Episode 2 'Among the Few'. Too darling not to post! And perhaps my favourite episode so far...

So I've just finished watching Season 2, Episode 3 of Foyle's War. The episode just so happened to feature a beautiful lady more commonly known as Emily Blunt. Perfect time for those screenshots of Foyle's that I promised earlier, oui?

She is stunningly beautiful, isn't she?

You probably won't be able to see it very clearly, but I love the dress pictured above.

This is obviously only a very small small sample of the beautiful costumes and sets that can be perved on in Foyle's War. I've been trying to capture decent screenshots throughout my watching, but it appears the real beauty of the world created for this show cannot be captured in a single frame. Every little movement reveals a new beauty and it's so hard to pick exactly the right moment to turn it into a picture.

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