Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chrissy Joys

I hope everyone had a wonderful fun and delicious Christmas :) I know mine definitely was: three days of family feasts and festivities. Definitely looking forward to relaxing over the next few days with some of my Christmas goodies :)

Yep, Tudors Season 4 now eagerly awaits me. I also got Young Victoria and Beauty and the Beast on DVD. I'm watching Beauty and the Beast now, and the DVD quality is amazing compared to the good ol' VHS!

I also have some reading to do: Sex with a Queen by Eleanor Herman and what looks to be a yummy piece of fiction: The Empress of Ice Cream by Anthony Capella.

And yes, that is a teacup with King Henry VIII, with some of his wives and Wolsey (the other three wives and Cromwell are on the other side). My wonderful boyfriend found these teacups on the internet somewhere for me. Very lucky girl, I am :)

So I'm off to relax some more. Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. oh wow, brilliant presents! nothing like receiving good books for christmas, and getting to spend the summer reading them. love the mug too xx

  2. Summer reading is definitely a favourite past time of mine! :) Your pug dogs are very cute KittyCate!


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