Friday, December 31, 2010


Favourite Moments of 2010

* 2010 New Years celebrations. I had never been to a proper NYE party, and this was it. Great fun and I shared my first kiss with my wonderful boyfriend :)
* Being a uni student at the beautiful Melbourne University. I loved simply walking around on campus with all the beautiful architecture and oak trees. I felt so knowledgeable just strutting around the place :)
* Australia Day. I'm not one to usually celebrate these things, but it ended up being a beautiful summer day spent having a lawn party. We played cricket, had a BBQ, listened to Triple J 100. It was lovely and probably one of my favourite memories of 2010.
* My huge cupcake party, which featured literally hundreds upon hundreds of cupcakes. Delicious!

I've done a lot of growing this year... Mostly thanks to my studies!

* Completing my Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary). It was an amazing amount of work. I had 24 assignments in one semester!
* My teaching rounds were fantastic. I learnt what kind of environment I would like to teach in, working with intelligent, entertaining and charming students. It was wonderful to see their faces light up when they understood something and great sharing a giggle with them.
* The moments I had realising "Yes! I this [teaching] is what I want to do!" Love that feeling :)
* Wonderful moments with my wonderful wonderful boyfriend :) He has been so supportive and caring and helpful this year. A year when I really needed someone like that :)
* This blog. I've enjoyed my more frequent posting of late, gaining followers (still oh so very exciting!) and sharing things with the blog world :)

New Years Resolutions

1. Continue expanding my blog. I hope to post more frequently and with more of my own stuff.
2. Get healthy. This includes eating and exercising. Hopefully.
3. Continue staying dedicated to my studies and being proactive about it all :) I see a bright future ahead, and I'm so happy :D

Happy New Year to all :) May 2011 bring you good luck and good fortune!

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