Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Market goodies!

I hadn't been to a decent market since the winter market break. And I'm suffering serious withdrawals. I was so disappointed come the start of December with the Healesville Market cancelled again this month as a result of the flooding (which cancelled the Novemeber market!). However, the wonderful Warrandyte Market stepped up to the plate and I'm so glad it did.

It was the first time I'd gone to a market on my lonesome. Usually it's a family affair with my mum, grandma and Mum's sister. It was quite refreshing to flit about to the stalls that attracted me, rather than hunting for everyone in the crowd or pouring over plants (as much as I like plants, I have no garden of my own so they are no fun!).

This is what I returned home with:

Teapot - $10, From a lovely stall of antique goodies to add to my (slowly growing)teapot collection! Apparently it's usable! haha

Necklace - $15, image of a Marie Antoinette fairy. This stall, 'Minc', had beautiful necklaces, brooches and hair clips at great prices. I wish I'd added some of her Alice in Wonderland hair clips to my bag!

Earrings - $9, gorgeous little blue and white ceramic owl earrings. I seem to have a thing for owls lately.

Next market: Healesville Twilight market is on this Saturday (18 December) at the Healesville racecourse, 3pm- 8pm.

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