Sunday, May 29, 2011

Royally inspired.

Boyfriend, if you see this - do not panic. pretty please? :)

Inspired by the Royal Wedding last month, I've been thinking of things I would like at my own wedding. Again, I'm no where near Marriage Land, but you know, every girl dreams :)

I've collected these images from here, there and everywhere over the last few years, so apologies for not citing them.

The Inspiration.

Fun, magical and exciting.

The Size.

A small and intimate affair please. I just want to be surrounded by love :)

The Setting.

The ceremony would take place outside, under a big tree in either a garden or forest.

The reception would then be a casual picnic of sorts, that carried on into the night.

The Bridesmaids.

My sisters will be my bridesmaids, in different colourful dresses that flatter them.

The Flowers.

A beautiful rainbow of colours! Ranunculus maybe? Roses? Peonies?

The Food.

(Artwork by Shirley Barber - from one of my favourite childhood books, Martha B Rabbit: The Fairy's Cook)

No gifts for our wedding please. Instead, bring a plate of food to share. A BBQ or something will be provided, and lots of champagne!

The Cake.

An ice cream cake, naturally!

The Hair.

I want to wear flowers in my hair! Who cares about the rest??? haha

The Dress.

Something fun, flirty and with a full skirt, like this:

And super cute and cheeky colourful shoes!

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