Monday, May 23, 2011

May the force be with you.

As well as a big love for hand knitted jumpers, I also have a growing love for big warm jackets. Especially with this terribly cold winter weather today .

Introducing my Yoda jacket:

My mum has a gumtree green yoda jacket. I've been jealous of it for years. It's super warm and snuggly and when you put the hood up, you transform into Yoda.

And look almost as cute as this Yoda puppy! (Image source:

The blue isn't a super Yoda-ery colour, so maybe it should be my Jedi jacket?

Mum's gumtree green didn't suit me, so I was super excited when we went to the market and found the lady selling more Yoda jackets in different colours. Now all the market ladies in my family have a Yoda jacket to keep warm in at the markets. Horrah!

Hope you lovelies are staying warm in this cold!

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