Saturday, May 21, 2011

Paper flowers.

Inspired by Eloise Corr Danch's beautiful paper flower designs, I attempted to make a paper flower bouquet as a centre piece for my birthday party. Aren't her designs beautiful?

Using scrap booking paper, tissue paper and good ol' PVA, I had a go a making a few. I used some of the skills my Nan had taught me in quilling. She always sends out birthday cards with some of her quilling artwork. Beautiful stuff. This isn't a card of hers, but it gives you an idea of what quilling is:

My own quilling samples (with horrible lighting):

While smaller flowers can be fiddly, they are more co-operative with PVA glue. I swapped to the hot glue gun a couple of times for the larger flowers. The larger ones were surprisingly time consuming, but those that I did make I'm quite proud of.

My baby bouquet

I think the above pink one is my favourite paper flower creation.

The red flower had a bit of zing and attitude to it.

I'll need to make a few more before I get a collection worthy of a centre piece, but I thought I'd share anyway. Until then , I shall continue to admire Eloise's beautiful work.

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  1. Oh my goodness, quilling! That brings back memories! I used to have a quilling set and I really enjoyed playing with it. Oh, I'm going to get all nostalgic now...

    Love your efforts, by the way, you look like you had fun experimenting - that purply-pinky one is gorgeous.

    (PS Thanks for following me!)


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