Monday, May 16, 2011

My wardrobe is whole again.

As mentioned previously, my much beloved knee-high flat boots are falling apart. I wore them practically everyday last winter and into spring. I loved and still love them so. However, they are broked. So I must move on.

The love of my boot life:

Tony Bianco Petal boots $249.95

I was super super lucky to get them as a birthday present from my mum last year. We'd gone boot hunting together, I found and fell in love with these but couldn't justify the price tag. I'm a girl that doesn't like spending heaps of money on one item. Op shops and sales are my friends. Sneaky Mum surprised me!

So fairly heartbroken when I discovered that they were broken. Plus, half my wardrobe was now broken. I needed that boot to take me into winter! To bring life and comfort and warmth to my thick black dress and colourful cardis combo. To take my summer dresses further into the cold than they'd ever been before.

The hunt for the new boot was on. My heart wasn't in it though. Nothing could replace my Tony Bianco Petal boots but another Tony Bianco Petal boot. I couldn't do that.

So you can imagine my surprise, while listlessly wandering my local shopping centre, when I stumbled across these:

Dotti Downtown Boot. Was $79.95, NOW $49.95

Identical! Almost.

I walked out of the store, then back in. Out and In. Should I? Shouldn't I? I'll at least ask for my size. They never have my size. They have my size?! Wow. They fit!


My wardrobe is whole again.


  1. i'm glad you've found some replacements you're happy with.
    my secret is to make sure i have my favourite shoes reheeled before they get wrecked too much. it's worth the $'s.

  2. Those Dotti boots look awesome, and at such a good price too. ;)

    The Cat Hag


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