Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Wedding

I watched it all. And I loved it. Well, some of the ceremony was boring, but I loved when the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared glances and smiles together. I think those bits would be the favourite bits of my wedding, if and when it comes.

Loved the dress. Very Grace Kelly was my first reaction, and the reaction of my friends. I liked that the train was small. I wanted more flowers and a tiara more like Diana's wedding tiara, but that's okay. Very demure and graceful.

Her sister Pippa looked absolutely stunning! Hot hot hot! Gorgeous. Nearly upstaged Catherine. Nearly.

Loved gossiping about some of the guests outfits, hats, shoes, coats. The amount of people wearing black or white amazed me! I know black is kind of okay for weddings now, but I would have stayed well away from it had I been invited to a royal wedding. Same with white. You just don't go there, ever.

And, of course, what the hell was going on with Beatrice of York's hat/headdress/antlers? All I could see was Lady Gaga's lobsters. It was terrible.

Same same, but different?

My favourite moment of the whole thing? This.


Images mostly from various articles on the UK's The Daily Mail. Link here.


  1. I saw parts of this on TV, the kiss was so cute!



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