Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Choc hazelnut cookies

So, once again, I have another assignment due. You can always tell when the posts about food increase. Quite tragic, I know.

I've been craving these cookies (above) that my boyfriend baked for me a while ago now. Delicious fat chocolate and hazelnut cookies with chocolate icing. They were delicious. Sooooooo delicious. I love fat cookies.

I came to crave them even more so after Oriental Hotel's recent post about the yummies she made.

It became apparent that it was time for me to bake. Especially with an assignment to do.

I don't have the recipe my boyfriend used, and I wasn't super fond of the weird measurements of ingredients on Oriental Hotel's blog so I tried searching the internet. It wasn't feeling helpful, so instead I reached for the cookbooks/magazine tear outs.

I finally ended up transforming this:

Into this:

They taste like Nutella and I have eaten far too many of them. Even though they are flat cookies and I'm not always a fan of flat cookies.

If anyone wants the recipe I'm more than happy to post it up :)

In the meantime...

On nom nom!


  1. Ohh nice variation. They look yum. I know measurements in grams can be frustrating, I ended up buying scales a little while back as I had so many recipes that weren't in cups etc. This website is handy for converting - Though it can be fun just to invent, biscuits tend to be pretty forgiving on variations.

  2. I'm a bit too scared to try inventing in the kitchen! I'm far too much of a noob at the cooking and am only just getting things right! Hahaha One day I'll be brave enough to use grams and measuring scales!


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