Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saving face.

Faces are wonderful things. I used to love drawing faces. Eyes especially.

I wonder how people become brave enough to post their faces with their blogs. I tried, I couldn't. I think I like my blog faceless. 'Outfit of the Day' posts could be wonderful fun, and I love them in blogs, but I just couldn't.

How do you feel about showing your face on your blog?


  1. Hmmm thats a tricky question! At first, I didn't show my face on my (food) blog but then I thought it felt it was okay sometimes. I'm always unsure about my other (clothes) blog though, as I post my face in every photo but always feel kind of vain, and contemplated deleting it the other day!
    It's hard!
    Hannah x

  2. It doesn't bother me - and I am far from glamorous, attractive or even at a healthy weight. I would love to see your face on your blog, I think it makes it more personal :)

  3. Interesting question :) I feel VERY uncomfortable and anxious, although my fears are slowly fading with time. I think the lovely community on VF helped give me the confidence - everyone is so supportive. And lastly I thought 'you only live once' so if it's something I wanted to try, I had to go for it! I am conscious of privacy though and ensure that my personal details are never online :) xxx

  4. I can't do it - yet :)

    The closest I have come is my avatar, with the bow - a bit of forehead. I too like the idea of being faceless, but more and more I like the idea of a community online, and how can you be part of a community if you have no face?

    Still, it remains a bit scary for me - maybe one day I might venture into a hand or a foot!

  5. It's a bit nerve-racking honestly.

    I just try to keep true to yourself, and acknowledge that you cannot please everyone in the world. :)

    The Cat Hag

  6. I admit to feeling a bit strange about it at the start, but I'm okay with it now. My husband takes lots and lots of photos for me to choose from and I only ever really end up posting 2-3images most of the time because I don't like the rest!

  7. As a blog reader, I find it easier to connect with blogs where I know what the author looks like. Maybe it's because I'm a visual person and I like to imagine them saying what I'm reading. I don't know, I guess it just gives them more personality. So for me, showing my face on my blog is another way to connect with my readers. I never really had any qualms with it.


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