Friday, April 29, 2011

Royally excited!

Image source: WeHeartIt

I've been sucked into watching those delightfully crummy morning shows about the Royal Wedding. I was intrigued by the wedding before this, curious to how a modern royal wedding would unfold today. But wonderful Kerri-Anne Kennerley has just informed me that it seems the wedding will take on a more whimsical style. Now I'm much more excited! A royal wedding with a fairytale style wedding?? Could it get much better? Hahaha!

I do wonder how Kate and William feel about some of the sacrifices they've no doubt had to make in order to keep with tradition, and the media. I hope it is still a wonderfully intimate and love filled affair that becomes a beautiful and happy day in their lives together.

For those interested, you can get the official programme online here.

Edit: I also came across a short 6minutes video about the history of royal wedding dresses. I found it really interesting the symbolism used in wedding dresses past. To watch the video, click on this link.

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