Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Working out.

I'm trying to get myself into a healthy lifestyle. And it's tough. I've never been an exercise person. I've always had a sweet tooth and eaten as I've pleased.

Image source: WeHeartIt

I'm trying to eat more healthy food. I'm trying to fight any chocolate, ice cream, chips and any other junk food cravings. I think I'm doing pretty good so far.

I've hired out a pilates DVD from the library and given it a go. I have a voucher for eight gym classes at a nearby gym. I start Friday.

I hope it works.


  1. Cute pic! I am the same - not a healthy gym-junkie by nature, but recently I have been trying to eat healthy and I also just purchased an 8-pass voucher for the gym!! I thought there is no point buying a year membership because I can't be trusted to go :) Good luck! xxx

  2. Is it the OurDeal Fernwood voucher too? I just had my first class and it was fantastic fun! :D

    Good luck! :)


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