Monday, March 28, 2011

We love Mali and Ongaht

On Saturday we had a trip to the zoo! We had some tourists in toe, so we made sure to visit the Australian animals bit (which we usually skip) and made sure to visit everyone's favourites.

My favourite? The baby elephants, of course! I've been very lucky that my boyfriend has been very understanding of my love for the baby elephants and has taken me a couple of times to see the cuties :) He's even written about it in poetry! So I know he secretly enjoys it too, but the minions (i.e. little children) running around like maniacs wear thin pretty quickly.

Lucky for us, baby Mali put on quite a show! Mali was quick to jump in the pool, ducking and diving. That was cute enough, but then Mumma got in and Mali truly started her fun!

Mali kept trying to jump up on her mum's back!

And was surprisingly successful!

Ongaht was curious, but a bit too shy to join in.

He was a cutie in his own right; protecting the herd by chasing away a manky looking peacock (that later followed us everywhere!!).

If you're interested about the baby elephants at Melbourne Zoo, check out this link.

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