Friday, March 11, 2011

Chapel Street

The other day I was forced to go into uni for some small and insignificant, and truly quite annoying reason. So I tried to make the day a bit better and worthwhile by combining my uni trip with an adventure to Chapel Street and visit some op shops I always eye off when we go to the Astor.

I think I prefer my local op shops; there's a better mix of junk and great finds. These ones were both more expensive than usual, lacked anything of note and were such a mess it was bit of a turn off.

BUT! I did find this lovely portrait in a shop called "Fat Helens". Fantastic shop by the way!

The lady behind the counter commented that she looked like she was exactly my style. What a compliment! :) Not sure what the little triangle symbol means though - any ideas?

And then finally, as I was giving up all hope, I stumbled across this dress in the very last op shop, for a whopping $7!

I love the colours and the pattern. Someone else has obviously altered it or "saved" it. I think they've done a good job :) Normally I hate that kind of thing, but this time, I'll let it slide.

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