Friday, November 6, 2009


I believe I recently mentioned something about my cocktail night coming up? Well I've been searching online for some dresses all the while persuading myself I'll study soon. I have plenty of dresses I could wear, but as we all know, it's always betetr to buy a new one for a special night :) Here's some inspiration so far:

A seagreen one shoulder dress:

A gorgeous pale rose pink maxi dress:
It's probably too long for a cocktail night in Decemeber, but it is so beautiful :) It's on my Christmas list haha

A classy, business style grey dress:
I'd love to have this to wear to work :)

A stunning Vera Wang dress that is too beautiful not to include:
It reminds me of Yvaine's "star dress" in Stardust. Too swish for this cocktail night, but perhaps I could make a suitable occassion for such a gorgeous dress :)

A lovely floaty sweet dress also has potential:

Too cute! A cheeky blue party dress:

I've been on the lookout for a nice floral print cocktail dress, but either the print is awful or the style of the dress is awful! I'll soon put up my favourite picks from the spring racing cup - some gorgeous girls out there :) I've been looking through them for some inspiration but nothing's really hit yet. At least I still have a month to find something :)

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