Friday, March 30, 2012

Sniffing flowers

This week it was time to return to my beloved Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building for some flower sniffing and viewing with the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. It finishes on April 1st, so get in while it lasts!

I've gathered some photo favourites. I had to put the camera away pretty early on in the flower show after visiting a few plant stalls! There's always something unusual that we've never seen at a market or is just so pretty that we have to give it a go in our own gardens :)

I always love the flower fashions! I loved this 'Mother Nature'. She was a bit different and had an air of grace and warmth about her.

I love those exhibits that have a little fun! Poor Humpty Dumpty!

Just how I like my soft boiled eggs in the morning! haha :)

Now, I love this flower, but it has a name I always forget. I had never seen it with a white body and purple tips before. Stunning!

There is always wonderful tulips on display at the Garden Show.

Perfectly pink! I love the rose-sniffing section. There's a lovely purple one there that smells like passion fruit! Delicious!

I thought I recognised Elizabeth I at the gardens! This is a sculpture by Bronwyn Lewis in the sculpture competition walkway.

And some party roses to take home! :)


  1. What lovely photos - I went to this and it was stunning, but I didn't take many photos as I was unwell!
    I am also honoured you've included me as inspiration xx

  2. How beautiful! The origami cranes are phenomenal and the humpty dumpty particularly amusingly macabre :)


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