Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Port Fairy

Over the long weekend, we joined Mr. Loverboy's friends for a camping trip down to Port Fairy while the Port Fairy Folk Festival was on. While we didn't actually go into the festival, it was a wonderful weekend getaway.

I've never been to Port Fairy before, and it is truly a beautiful place. Just look how blue the ocean is!

It's a four hour drive away from us, so it's quite a drive! Luckily for the boy and I, drives are our favourite bits of any adventure. We listen to podcasts, music (yeah Jaydiohead!), chat, eat, drink, flirt and blab. And I must admit that I was super excited to realise that my Mermaid Blue Ford Fiesta matched the colour of the Port Fairy ocean. I always knew it was a mermaid!

We surprisingly (for me, at least) managed to get our tent up with ease. I never knew my Mr. Loverboy was such a pro at tents! Bing, bang, BOOM! It was up! No swearing or nothing! haha Taking it down and folding it up? Yeah, I might have gotten a little cranky then :P

We spent the time hanging out with our friends playing card games, drinking and checking out the main road with its market stalls and buskers. It was a lovely weekend away :) I'd love to go back and explore it some more!

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