Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Lady in the Tower

"The Lady in the Tower: The fall of Anne Boleyn" by Alison Weir was one of the first non-thesis related books I started reading after the end of my thesis. I had seen the cover of the book and picked it up a few times after it first came out, reading the blurb and placing it back on the shelf going 'I wish I had time to read this book'. That was even before I went gaga for The Tudors and/or Anne Boleyn. Luckily for me, I managed to pick it up for $8.99 at a local discount bookstore! Bingo!

This book covers in wonderful detail the final months of Anne Boleyn's life. Weir makes the case that Anne's execution was carefully orchestrated by Thomas Cromwell, who used her lack of popularity with the lords and nobles to his advantage. I loved it for its dedication to historical documentation, but there are moments of pure assumption and creative license. It tells a very intricate story and you cannot fault it for bringing together a wonderfully interesting world to life. I only wish that it had covered more of Queen Anne's life!

Definitely worth checking out if you're a Tudor lover like me :)


  1. This is an eternally fascinating subject. Slaughtered royalty (even democratic royalty like the Kennedy's) certainly captures our attention. I look forward to reading this intriguing book. I first heard about it when Elaine Charles had a Shakespearean era theme to a recent show. She featured some great books, all of which interest me. You can listen to the archived show on

  2. I love all these "Tudor" and own the first three seasons of the tudors. I cant wait to see the final season. I am very interested in the life and times of Henry VIII and especially Anne Boleyn because I have always believed her to be partially innocent of all she was accused of and believed that Henry just wanted to get rid of her. Also, I have read other booky by Alison Weir and really would like to read Lady in the Tower. The cover portrait of Anne Boleyn is the best I have ever seen and really makes her look alive. Thanks for posting about this new book. It definately looks worth reading. :)


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