Saturday, March 17, 2012

Moving out together.

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The Boy and I have been talking for some time now about moving out together. I've gone through waves of excitement and nervousness and back to excitement. Honestly though? I can't wait. I'm ready now :)

We've been looking at places that are in suburbs that aren't too far from our parents' places. It gives us a great list of potentials that are closer to the city and perfectly affordable rent-wise for just the two of us. How nice it would be, to be free of family and housemates! The questions are now traveling down the track of unit, house or apartment? I love the idea of having a garden to play with, but realise that that may not be an option as renters. We'd also love to get a kitty or two, so we'd have to find somewhere pet-friendly.

Any hints, tips, ideas or words of wisdom? Please pass them on! I would love to hear them :)

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  1. You should def check this out before you move in together

    I don't want to be negative, I've just had some bad experiences :(


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