Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Way We Wear

I ventured out to The Way We Wear Fair today. And what an adventure it was! Over the Westgate Bridge and everything haha!

The Williamstown Town Hall

Many many treasures were shared inside this building. I kept gasping to myself at such beautiful precious dresses, smiling at adorable hats and goo-ing and gaa-ing over gorgeous jewelry. I'm afraid I don't have any pictures inside; I had figured photography wasn't allowed. Check out The Secret Lives of Op Shops for a picture of the Adelaide fair. The Melbourne one, I must say, seemed a little smaller, although I can identify a few of the same stallholders.

Unfortunately, I missed the Titanic Fashion Parade as my parking was about to expire. What fashions they had on display were stunning, particularly the display of Dorothy Gibson (the white lace dress on the left with the rose sash).

Outside the fair, Williamstown is beautiful.

The city, the boats, the sea and the sky. Beautiful!

This is where I sat and had lunch.

Coffee scroll and brownie with caramel and rice bubble topping. I skipped on the rice bubble layer; everything else was delicious :) And $3.10 total.

As for what came home with me?

A couple of gorgeous postcards, once upon a time destined for Carlton and Fitzroy.

I loved all the different women's faces in 'Madge'. Click on the picture for a larger image and closer peek :)

And this stunning ring. It made my heart sing!

The fair continues tomorrow. Check the website for more info.


  1. Oh I want that ring! We had a vintage fair here last weekend but it was too far away so bummed I missed it!

    E :)

  2. Beautiful ring! Thanks for linking to my blog :) I can't wait until the next fair in Adelaide

  3. I knew that was on but I was too busy... will definitely try to go next time. Although it looks so tempting that I probably saved myself a lot of money by not going!!


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