Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Grand Finale

The Boyfriend had asked what I'd like to do for my birthday a few weeks ago. Dinner at a restaurant we had been to on one of our early dates was a must. Why? Because they do the most wonderful wonderful desserts.

To Southbank we went. And in particular, Meat and Wine, Co.

A delicious meal was followed by this:

You can imagine the squealing and giggling and lip-smacking that went on once this metre-long tray arrived at our table.

It was appropriately called The Grand Finale.

Not to be missed! A chocolate fondante with vanilla ice-cream, vanilla creme brulee, banoffe tart and baked passionfruit yoghurt. Served on a platter for two.

The banoffe tart was my favourite :)

Even though this place is famous for its steaks, the dessert truly wins out for me.

Then we headed to Galactic Circus and played some serious games of air hockey, zombie shooting and ninja shooting games. Super duper fun :)

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It was such a fantastic and fun date night :) Loved every single second of it :)

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  1. That dessert platter looks just incredible!! Drooling now...


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