Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I had a lovely lady date the other day with some of my fellow Disney Princess obsessed friends to see Tangled. It was the perfect group of girls to see this adorable film with :)

I admit though, all the way through it I kept seeing glimpses of past Disney Princess films which irked me a little and there are instances were they could have done a whole lot more with music, singing and story. Overall though it was a darling movie and I'll be getting it when it comes out on DVD :)

It was a wonderful return to the princess genre and Disney definitely left it's creative mark on Rapunzel. I enjoyed their creativity with the storyline :)

It was magnificent to watch. Before the film started, there was a preview for a film called Mars Wants Moms and the CGI humans in that film looked creepy. Half the time we were wondering if they were human or not (click here and you'll see what I mean). The computer graphics in this film is much more comfortable. It had the visuals of a classic Disney movie, without the general harshness of CGI films.

Also, it made Flynn a spunk. Matt le Blanc smolder and all! Not as spunky as Aladdin, but spunky enough. Second spunkiest Disney Prince, definitely.

The evil witch was wonderful and she got the best songs - yep! It truly is the return of the traditional Disney princess movie with songs and all :) Nothing quite as awesome as Poor Unfortunate Souls (my all time favourite 'bad guy' song, followed by Gaston), but great fun. My friend has already learnt all the words!

This little guy, Pascal, is my favourite side-kick yet. He is just too adorable and cute and squishy and I want one! Hahaha He won a lot of laughs out of our audience. Moreso than the horse Maximus, who is rumoured to be one of the best horse characters in the movie business *nods*

And it was all layered with the perfect amount of mushy sappiness. What more do you need from a Disney princess movie? :)

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