Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sydney Road.

This time last week I was super excited about my planned op shop adventure down Brunswick Street. I was expecting to find some fantastic goodies at great prices and a wonderful time exploring on my lonesome.

I only happened to visit two of the seven op shops listed on the helpful Partly due to the horrid humidity and my getting lost. Nevertheless, I left quite happy with my finds:

Don Bosco Brunswick Youth Foundation Inc. Op Shop
Wonderful op shop, with fantastic prices and some great goodies to be had. A true true op shop. I happened across these two dresses.

White dress, $7

I've been on the hunt for a delightful white dress for quite a while. All the dresses in the shops are generally too short, have terrible shape or are too plain and boring. This one has a sweet pattern, falls just below the knee and with lovely pearly buttons.

'Newspaper Mama' dress, $7

I call this my 'Newspaper Mama' dress because it has an interesting print which includes what looks to be newspaper clippings (as you can see below). The dress has a cool, cinched in waistline. Apparently it is "very '80s!" haha

Brunswick Savers
Huge, hot and sticky. Huge variety of things, as expected in a Savers. The only goodie I walked away with was this gorgeous thing:

Cutest meringue cardi, $5

The Boy suggests this cardi looks like a meringue, and I'm inclined to agree. I absolutely love it. It reminds me of all the things my gran used to knit for me when I was younger. I hated them then. I love them now :) I automatically zoom in on anything that looks remotely handmade.

Too cute, right? :)


  1. adorable! Love that cardi!!

  2. hehe love the cardigan especially the peterpan collar! good find! <3 xo


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