Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 Point Turn Pass

Image source here

Woooooooooooo *crazy dances* I passed! I passed! I passed! I passed!

Thank goodness I only had to do a 3-point turn and not a reverse parallel park. I rocked that 3-point turn!

Anyway, I'm off now to go pick up my sister and get some ice-cream! Horrah!



    I so need to get my licence.

  2. Congrats hun! I don't have my license yet so I can understand what a big achievement this is! Enjoy xo

  3. Thank you! I missed out on my Cold Rock ice cream reward after getting lost, so instead celebrated with a Maccas run :P haha

    It's taken me a looong time to get my P's. Finding a good driving instructor, setting a date to work to and having supportive people really helped :)


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