Monday, February 21, 2011

Hair did.

Finally got my hair done. I was sick of the psychotic nature of my normal hairdresser, so I tried a nearby Biba salon. The hairdresser was wonderfully chatty and kind, but the whole process took 4 hours. Bit too long in my world, even for a cut and colour.

Anyway, this is the crumpled up picture I went in with for colour inspiration:

So I was essentially after a mousy blonde brown colour-wise. I figured it was close to my natural hair colour, it wasn't too much of a drastic change but would lighten it just enough. Enough to feel like a big change anyway. Which I felt I needed.

The results:
Without flash.

With flash.

I'm half and halfing about it all. Mostly satisfied, just getting used to it still though. So nice to finally have my fringe blended into my hair after having months of growing out this mass of hair. Now it's easy to wear it as a side fringe if I so choose, or just blend it with the rest of my hair. Horrah! :)


  1. The "with flash" colour looks gorgeous!

  2. Love the colour, it looks very vibrant and shiny! xx

  3. Nice colour. I like it without flash better but with is still good. I got a hair cut yesterday too. Afterward I had that song "Hair done, nails done, everything did" in my head. OT but your title reminded me of it lol


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