Saturday, February 4, 2012


I'm not a cricket fan by any means. Well, that's partially a lie. I like the noise of the commentary in the background on a hot summer day as I read a book on the couch. Usually that's the extent of my relationship with cricket.

Yesterday, I overdosed. T20 at the good ol' MCG.

Fireworks and fireballs were promised, plus segway cameramen. I was in.

Can you spy the segway cameraman?*

See, the Boyfriend is somewhat of a cricket nut. He's like an addicted encyclopedia with sports. It's quite impressive! Anyway, we trotted off with his father to watch the cricket. I realised early on that I wasn't going to 'get' a lot of the stuff happening (much of this may be the result of learning that the ball for this game was white - not red - towards the end of the match). I had a wonderful time regardless :)

Yeah, Brett Lee!*

I watched the crowds, the SkyCam, the fielders moving about, security, the dimwits in the crowd being escorted out, the birds swarming up above, the drunk man run onto the ground and be taken away by the police, the fireballs and the blow-up balls bouncing about. And a little bit of cricket. So much more goes on than what's put on tv!

And then it was all over. India won. And back home, through the huge crowds, we went.

*Apologies for the irritable quality of pictures. They were taken with my phone's camera.

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