Monday, February 13, 2012

Rosetta Rose

Please welcome Rosetta Rose to my wardrobe!

I've spied this fun fabric on skirts in Dangerfield for a long time. I swore as soon as I saw it in dress form, it'd be coming home with me.

Of course, when it did turn up in dress form, I a couple of coins to my name and that was all. I admit, it was bit of a painful wait until pay day.

But the wait was worth it! Down from $88 to $60 on the price tag.
Take it to the register and BOOM! $48!
That's the way we like it!

By the way, totally worth checking out some of the bargain dresses on sale at Dangerfield at the moment ;) I know I'll be checking back there soon!


  1. Sometimes it pays to wait, to get it for almost half the original price is a real score.

  2. I love that print, so summery and happy :) Good bargain!


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