Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sherlock Love

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The Boy and I celebrated Valentines a week ago, you know, beat the busybusiness of February 14. By luck, we were able to 'recreate' our very first date. It seems Sherlock Holmes likes to pop up regularly in our relationship :)

We had dinner at the restaurant where I famously spat gelati upon him (whilst giggling at his jokes, so it's a compliment really...) on our first date. I obviously made a good impression that night though, since he makes me ice cream often enough! After wallowing in that trough, mind, a little more dainty than the first time, we went off to see Sherlock Holmes. Yep, I'm all mature and a proper lady now!

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Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

I enjoyed the visual feast of the short-lived gypsy set and costumes. I loved Stephen Fry as Mylcroft. Yawned a bit in the slow-mo-running-through-the-woods-getting-shot-at scene. And wondered when Rachel McAdams would be coming back with some awesome outfits and hats that I so loved from the first film. They can't have killed her off, surely? Most of the time though we were waiting for the awesomeness of BBC Sherlock to emerge.

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Nothing beats the BBC it seems. <3 BBC Sherlock


  1. That sociopath image is hilarious :)

    That picture makes Sherlock Holmes look like a real visual feast, but I'd be worried it would be a big *yawn* too....

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  2. I watched the first episode of the BBC series yesterday & it's great! Well most British shows tend to be awesome ;) x


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