Friday, September 16, 2011

Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

I think I have a new favourite place. I truly am in love with the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. I have taken these photos on various days and nights throughout the year. Most of the inside shots are from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show.

Like my Paint photoshop skills? :P


  1. Lovely photos :) I just adore historic buildings! x

  2. It's a gorgeous building! I will have to visit it one day.

    E :)

  3. Just stumbled upon your your header and design...and simply love these photos! lovely would it be to visit that amazing building. You're so lucky... :) Love your love of everything period dramas! Me too!!!! :))


  4. It would be a beautiful building... if I hadn't had so many exams in there! Just kidding - I actually found the building to be a distraction during some exams... hee hee!


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