Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mermaids On Stranger Tides

I love mermaids and love stories. So it was kind of inevitable that I would enjoy the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I only wish that the mermaid love story was the main story of the film.

Yay! Mermaid love story!

Have a perve on the mermaids and the haunting My Jolly Sailor Bold scene:

As mermaids, they looked gorgeous. I've searched for a decent picture of the mermaid costume, but can't find anything quality yet. Below you can see some of the costume detail.

The crazy vampire frenzy feeding session mermaid bit though? Not so good. Ridiculous even.

I think they could have been more haunting if they just quietly slipped the men into the water and just kept pulling them down. Less hissing that way, too.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is good. The same easy entertainment film that the others have been. I really enjoyed it, especially with the mermaid factor. Definitely worth seeing if you're in a movie mood :)

I hope this will open up the gateway for more mermaid films. *fingers crossed*

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