Thursday, December 3, 2009


Clarissa, my fairy godmother :)

I love fairies. They can be magical, cheeky, seductive, sweet, mischeavous, kindly... They always have thier own unique personalities and abilities. While usually mermaids top my favourite mystical creatures, fairies come in a very close second. So it is not surprising that I have fairies littered across my room and house. Let me introduce you to some of them :)

More of an elf than a fairy due to his size, Charlie is a cheeky and fun-loving kinda guy :)

Isabella, a decadent dark fairy with a heart that shines like the moon :)

A fairy with a love of fairy floss, pink champagne and a bit of lovin' is Tipsy :)

Each of these fairies has been lovingly created by Conny Deylen who is a lovely lady and a regular at the markets I go to. Each fairy is unique and absolutely gorgeous. You can check out some of her creatures here.

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