Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cupcake Extravaganza!

It was my birthday yesterday. 22 years old. A 22 year old that acts like she's either 85 or 5, according to my boy. He kinda hits the nail on the head there if you ask me :P

Anyway, to celebrate, we held a Cupcake Extravaganza! We baked well over 100 cupcakes the day before, iced them on the Friday (arm cramps are not comfortable, let me tell you) and then set them out just in time for 8pm to roll by and guests to begin arriving. It was a wonderful night and I can't appreciate more the amount of effort he put into the night :) I'm a very loved and lucky girl :)

These are just a couple of images of my favourite cupcakes of our collection. We also had spiders, gummi worms in dirt, moustached faces, Smartie polka dots, Oreo leopard print, marshmallow flowers... It was quite a show!

Need a bit more time to recover now...

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